My first steps when thinking about a family

Slowly and tentatively, we are making the first steps towards preparing ourselves for the idea of trying for a family.

A few months after our wedding day, my contraceptive implant ‘nexplanon’ was coming to the end of it’s 3 year life. Which then brought up the conversation of; do I get a new one put in? Or, do I stop using hormone contraceptives as we start to consider starting a family? Obviously I could have one put in now, and then get it taken out early, but we decided that I would have mine taken out now.

Personally for me, I have struggled with hormones in the past, so I want to give my body as long as possible without any hormonal contraceptive before we decide to start trying. I want to take this as slowly as I can and get to know my body and it’s routine when it is hormone free so that when we are ready, it should be much less of an adjustment. We are not planning on starting to try for a family for a while yet, but this year at least is going to be all about preparing ourselves physically and mentally so we are as ready as we can ever be for pregnancy and parenthood.

Talk about good timing! Youtuber Hannah Witton has just brought back her series ‘the hormone diaries’ as she begins her journey of trying for a family, and I am planning starting a similar series in later posts. I’m hoping her videos will help me as I adapt to this hormone-contraceptive free life!

It goes without saying that for each person it is a unique and personal situation, these blog posts will just be me sharing a small part of our story, it is not advice, but just a platform to start the conversation. As pointed out in the video below, usually you don’t hear about people trying for a family, let alone preparing to try for a family. Normally it is just ‘we’re pregnant!’ and you go from there.

This is going to be a long series, so I hope you’re ready for a journey! I’ve got a lot to do before I’m ready to look after a small human!

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