Our wedding colours

So proud of how our photos look together!

When we first started planning our wedding, we had always known four key things.

  1. It would be in autumn
  2. My husband’s suit would be navy (at his request)
  3. I wanted my bridesmaid to wear dark purple
  4. There would be sunflowers

So just like that, we already had three of our wedding colours (navy, plum and gold). We eventually added burgundy into the mix after our meeting with our florist who suggested roses (luckily our wedding favours of mini jam jars also matched the burgundy!).

I DIY’d a lot of our decorations/signs, so all I had to do was buy the paints and use them as the background colour to the gold font on our; welcome sign, seating plan, table names, place names and menus for the table. After these, suddenly we already had a lot of decorations that pulled the theme together.

We were also exceptionally lucky, and my husband won a made to measure suit for the wedding, so we were able to add little touches such as the purple lining under the collar, to continue to match to our wedding theme.

So our wedding sort of fell together with the colour scheme, and the autumnal feel instantly added rustic touches. I hope all brides found this happened for them as well! If not though, I have a couple of tips.

Just to warn you! Every single supplier you ever speak to will probably ask ‘so what are your colours?’ so this is probably something you want to choose first!

  1. Start with your colour scheme before your theme. Your theme will follow once you know your colours.
  2. Struggling to pick your colour scheme? Think about any favourite flowers, any outfit ideas for the groomsmen/bridal party, does your husband have a preference on his suit?
  3. Pinterest will be your best friend! Planning a wedding to fit a season? Search on Pinterest for colour schemes to match that time of year!

What is/was you colour scheme? Did you find it all sorted itself out or was it a difficult choice?

Check out my instagram page @MrsT_94 for more wedding details!

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