Choosing Sustainable – Deodorant

Welcome to my sustainable living series!

Apart from a reusable makeup remover cloth, my efforts towards sustainable living are pretty poor. This series is going to be me trying to evaluate my purchases and trying to choose sustainable when possible going forward. It’s not going to be a quick overhaul of everything I do, just slow small steps towards looking after the planet. If I can support a small business as well – double win!

Deodorant is not something that I have ever put much thought into with regards to it’s effect on the environment and although aerosols can be recycled – it is only if they are completely empty, clean and dry inside, which is practically impossible… Both the cans and the compressed gas contribute to pollution, so it was time for me to consider switching.

There are plenty of brands out there now that offer ‘naked’ deodorant bars, and other alternatives. I have chosen to go with ‘We are the Wild’ who have created an aluminium case (choice of colours available) that can be filled with single use compostable deodorant refills.

They have 5 different scents to choose from, all created with natural ingredients and no aluminium. I couldn’t pick between the scents so I have selected the bumper back which includes the case, plus one of each of the scents.

A percentage of their profits also go towards the charity ‘On a Mission’ which enable businesses and individuals to invest in more sustainable practices.

Wild do offer a refer a friend link, where if you click here you can receive a free case, so you just need to purchase the refills!

I am prepared for 2 weeks when I do start using this where my body will need time to adjust to using an aluminium free deodorant. Wild to warn that you may find you sweat more at first, however after two weeks should actually sweat less than you do when using your current deodorant.

Since my order has arrived, I’m still working through my deodorants in my drawer before I start to use this, but on first looks – they all smell amazing! I’m leaning towards the cotton and sea salt, and the coconut dreams scents. However, my order of 5 scents are meant to last about 5 months so I’ve got a while to wait before I need to make another order.

The case is easy to use, and I’m already trying to think up of ways to use the empty refill packaging (apparently people use them to plant seeds as they are made of bamboo pulp). although they are fully recyclable if you don’t have a use for them.

Do you use Wild? I’ve seen a few people already use it (It’s how I found them!) How do you find it? What is your favourite scent?

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