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Our first Valentine’s Day Married

When it comes to Valentine’s Day we aren’t usually the couple that books the whole day off work, or even goes out to a restaurant. Just a card, maybe a small gift (usually food related), and cook a nice dinner.

This year, it’s a Sunday, and we’re in lockdown – so we still wont be booking the day off or going to a restaurant (husband is on furlough anyway so he definitely isn’t booking the day off!). So, I’ve bought a card. We’ve also bought treats – but because we wanted the same things, we’re just going to split the cost! Fudge from the fudge kitchen, and cookie dough from naked dough (yes we’re going to have diabetes afterwards! – the cookie dough does free for up to a year though).

With a week to go, in aid of our first Valentine’s Day as husband and wife, pulled out all of the stops with our dinner plans!

So excited to try out the chocolate fondant! The wine is the red wine we had on our wedding day, it was recommended by my dad and we always have it on special occasions now.

Appetizer – Gruyere Cheese Souffle
This is one of my husband’s favourite starters whenever we go out for dinner. I haven’t made a souffle for a few years (I used to be a chef), but I’m sure it will be fine (I hope!)

Main Course: Next Level Steak and Ale Pie (with homemade shortcrust pastry) served with chunky chips and vegetables
I made this for my husband’s birthday last October and we both absolutely loved it! So no surprise that he asked for me to put it on the menu for Valentines!

Dessert: Chocolate Fondant with Vanilla Icecream
Who doesn’t love chocolate fondant?! I’ve never made this dessert before, definitely a risky one! But if it’s overcooked, hopefully it’s still a good chocolate cake??

We’re thinking about anything else we want to do during the day, afternoon tea? Breakfast in bed? What are your plans for the day – do you have any Valentine’s Day traditions?

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