What it was like to have my implant removed

Welcome back!

As discussed in my last post in my family series we decided that I would have my contraceptive implant removed now to give us plenty of time before we decide to start trying to have a family.

Due to COVID, I had the consultation over the phone. When I went to the Doctors there was lots of hand sanitizer, masks, gloves etc. It helped this is my third implant removal, so I knew what to expect.

Even with COVID, they had to complete their usual checks; so blood pressure, weight, and what our contraception plans are going forward so there aren’t any surprises! I then had local anaesthetic injected into my arm, the nurse then made a small incision in my arm and removed the implant. She then put paper stitches on my arm and bandaged it up, and I was good to go! It took less than 10 minutes from start to finish.

The evening I had it removed, my arm ached and I had a headache from the anaesthetic, which is all completely normal and treated with paracetamol. Since then, it has healed perfectly (although as always there is a small scar left behind).

Hormone-wise, I’ve been all over the place for a few months anyway, so there’s nothing new there! Hopefully things will settle down soon and I will start to experience some ‘normality’.

Overall, pretty uneventful – definitely an easy contraception to choose if you are looking at hormone contraceptives, much easier to forget about compared to the coil with regards to location, and it lasts for so long compared to the daily pill or regular injections.

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