Love Languages

Happy Valentine’s Day! I hope you are all enjoying today, and trying to make the most of making lockdown as exciting as you can. I’ll be on my Instagram Stories this evening sharing how I’m getting on with cooking the three course meal I posted about last week. Wish me luck with the chocolate fondants!

In the spirit of Valentine’s Day, my husband and I completed our ‘Love Languages’ test. The idea behind this test is that each individual person has an idea of what ‘love’ is, and how someone can show them that they love them. These are split into 5 categories;

Words of Affirmation
This is when you express love with words that build up your partner, verbal compliments such as ‘I love your hair today,’ and ‘I love you’.
Acts of Service
This is when you do things you know will be appreciated, such as cooking a meal, doing the washing up, anything that requires some thought, time, and effort.
Receiving Gifts
This isn’t necessarily materialistic, and about how much is spent, but instead about the thought that goes into it. Such as picking up their favourite snack for them while out at the shops.
Quality Time
This is all about spending time together and giving each other undivided attention, no televisions, smartphones or any other distractions, and just being present with each other.
Physical Touch
This is when people feel loved when physically close, by holding hands, hugging, etc. Not necessarily over the top PDA, but just being close.

For me, I scored 40% Acts of Service, 20% Physical Touch, 17% Words of Affirmation, 17% Receiving Gifts, and 7% Quality Time.

My husband was quite different to mine, 30% Quality Time, 23% Words of Affirmation, 20% Physical Touch, 20% Acts of Service, and 7% Receiving Gifts.

My scores didn’t surprise me at all, my husband doing the washing up or tidying up just so I don’t have to, is one of the massive things I love. His score did surprise me, as he is often on the PS5, his phone or laptop – so we don’t have loads of ‘quality time’ in the way it is described, however after we spoke about it he classes us just being together, even if we’re doing our own thing as quality time…So it’s no shock Physical Touch didn’t score far behind for him.

I hope you have a great day today, give the test a go and let me know how you score! It may even help you understand what your partner views as love, so you can show them in a way better for them.

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