Choosing Sustainable – Periods

Hello again!

So since having my implant removed, and focussing more on tracking my periods and understanding my body more, I’ve also decided to make sure that when I do have a period, I’m doing what I can for the planet.

Why make the change?

There are so many reasons to make the move away from your standard tampons and pads.

Better for the planet

I’m by no means an expert, but I am starting to try and take the steps when I can to do what I can for the environment.

Just one of us will use on average more than 11,000 disposable sanitary products in a lifetime. These products are full of plastic that will end up in landfill, the sea and our beaches. Let’s not forget it’s not just the product themselves, but the tampon applicators too!

Buying sustainable products, be is a menstrual cup, period underwear, or washable pads – these will last for years to come and once they’re no longer needed, are far easier and safer to dispose of. (Menstrual cups can be recycled).

Better for you

On average each person will spend £1200 in their lifetime on sanitary products – so although the upfront cost of the products is greater, over time you will start to save! Mooncup have a savings calculator which roughly estimates how much you will save depending on your age.

There are also health benefits, especially if you use tampons. Tampons are known to cause dryness, and also have the TSS risks associated with them that reusable products do not have.

So where do I start?

There are plenty of sustainable period products in the market nowadays, so it is now far easier to make sure that whilst you are still doing your bit for the planet, you’re also doing it in a way that suits you!

Period Pants

ModiBodi, Thinx, WUKA, even Tu Sainsbury – sell underwear that has built in absorbency designed to last the equivalent of 4 tampons (on average), with some lasting up to 12 hours.
They work similarly to pads, and have a top layer than stops odours and wicks away moisture keeping you comfortable.

Washable pads

Eco Lily, Bloom & Nora, Rovtop and Natissy – again so many brands are available selling reusable, washable sanitary towels. These work exactly like regular pads, but instead of throwing them away after each use, throw them into a laundry bag and wash them ready for reuse!

Menstrual cups

Probably the most well known sustainable period product, there are so many different menstrual cups out there. They come in two different sizes depending on your age and if you have given birth, but they all work the same. Although they are inserted like tampons, they are non-absorbent so do not cause any dryness. They also are hypoallergenic and do not contain any chemicals, so don’t cause any additional cramps or pain that tampons are known to sometimes cause.

Buy a Mooncup Here*

Although it’s nerve-wracking trying something new when it comes to periods (for me at least!) on the plus side these should last much longer than regular tampons/pads so will need changing less often.

I’ve ordered a menstrual cup and underwear to see how I get on with them, these seem the easiest for me to get used to, especially whilst I’m working from home so it’s a bit less risky trying out new things! Annoyingly my body is all out of routine since I’ve had the implant removed, so I still haven’t had a chance to use them, however I will let you know how I get on via my Instagram stories.

Do you use anything sustainable for your periods? What do you find works best for you?

*Affiliate link – I do not work with the company, however could receive commission from sales from the above link at no extra cost to yourself. I paid full price for my mooncup.

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