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Buying a Home – Where do we want to live?

I have lived in Essex all of my life, my husband grew up in London, before moving to Somerset, back to London, and then to Essex.

Essex is a great place to live, and I definitely have not taken full advantage of everything available to me whilst living here.

However, it is not where I plan on living long term, it isn’t even where we want to purchase our first home. When we are ready to buy, we will hopefully be relocating down to the Isle of Wight.


I’m sure as most people I’ve spoken to, your experiences of the Isle of Wight is (if any) – the odd family holiday when you were a kid?

Whilst I’ve not stayed down on the Island for a long period of time, every time I have visited I have seen exactly what I want when I’m looking for somewhere to live. Beaches close by, local produce, annual festival, lots of local walks, quieter/slower pace, and lets not forget the gin distillery!

I’m not going into this with rose tinted glasses and just an experience of a good holiday! My dad has lived over there for the last 6 years, so I have definitely heard the down sides to living there – not all companies post there, ferry costs when visiting the mainland, increased cost of living and tourists!

Hopefully over the next year (COVID and jobs permitting…) this series will track us preparing and eventually making the move over the Solent to the micro-climate that is the Isle of Wight, paving the way for a new series ‘Island Life’. I’ll be posting my first post next week under this series looking at some of eateries we have enjoyed on our visits!

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