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Why am I doing a Hertility Healthcheck

I’ve recently announced on Instagram I am a part of the Hertility Tribe with Hertility Health.

Hertility Health is an innovative femtech company, on a mission to give women control of their fertility and hormone health. With an at-home blood test, combined with tailored testing, personalised online results, and a pathway to care from trusted professionals, they help women learn more about their own biology and plan accordingly.

Every woman is going to have different reasons for choosing to take this test, be it they are actively trying, have concerns about their health, or are just interested to see what’s going on for the future!

I have chosen to take part for two reasons. Several years ago I had to have treatment for abnormal cells, which although I have had the all clear ever since, it has left me worried about my fertility levels.
There is no evidence to suggest that this would affect my fertility, I guess just from having to think about the possibility of cancer and abnormal cells, naturally it has made me wonder about the rest of my general fertility wellbeing.

Also, I have recently been diagnosed with Sub-clinical hypothyroidism. I had a blood test late last year, and it has been monitored since. I found out yesterday that although it is still sub-clinical, there has been no improvement and my results are now slightly worse. I’m on top of this and not too concerned, as I’m starting medication to treat this. However one of the concerns with thyroid issues is that this can cause fertility problems.

Thyroid tests is something that Hertility actually checks in their blood test, so I am already prepared for that to flag up when I am able to have my blood test (I’m still waiting for my cycle to return to normal following hormonal contraception).

One key thing to remember is if your Hertility blood test does flag up any potential issues, you are not left alone. You can be put in touch directly with practitioners and advice to ensure you receive any treatment you need.

So that’s my fertility journey so far! Hopefully soon I will be able to show you how easy it is to complete the blood test, and share my results with you.

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