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Tracking Cycles

Clue, Flo, Ovia, Eve, Cycles, and even Apple Health; there are now lots of ways for you to track your cycle.

As I’ve discussed in a previous post in the series, I’m slowly taking tentative steps to prepare my body and mind for parenthood, and since having my implant removed, part of that is about understanding my cycle. This isn’t just for hopefully making it easier when we do start trying, but also so I can have a better understanding of the symptoms I have at different times during the month such as cramps and bloating, as well as mood changes.

Since 1st January I have been using the Apple Health app to track my cycle. I chose this app not only because it is free, but as it allows you to include ‘factors’ that can impact your cycle such as the implant, and also allows you to log a wide range of symptoms throughout your entire cycle.

Four months in and finally I’m starting to notice trends in my cycles as my hormones calm down after having the implant removed, also I’m finally getting into a good habit of remembering to log every day (you can log ‘nothing happening’ so allows you to get into a good routine of logging).

One method of tracking cycles that I have been interested in is ‘Natural Cycles’. I have seen people online use this to track both their cycles and their ovulation. Personally I would never use this as a form of contraception unless we were at a point where we were ready to start trying, however potentially down the line when we are trying, I may start using this instead as my form of tracking to see if my ‘fertile days’ differ to what the Apple Health app predicts.

Speaking of cycles, now I’ve settled into a more predictable routine, I am getting use out of my sustainable period products, including my moon cup*. It has been great to use especially on my heavier days alongside the period pants, as I do not have to worry at all about leaks.

What cycle tracking app do you use? (If any), do you have any experience with Natural Cycles? And has anyone else made the move to sustainable period products, how are you finding them?

*Affiliate Link – I have not been paid for this post however I may receive commission for sales at no extra cost to you from this link.

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