World Earth Day – Smol Products

Hello again, and Happy Earth Day 2021! This is another post where I have made a sustainable switch in my everyday life.

Recently I have made the switch with our cleaning products to Smol. They have a number of products including; cleaning sprays for glass, bathrooms, and mixed surfaces; as well as dishwashing tablets, washing detergent, and fabric conditioner.

They use eco-friendly packaging wherever possible, the only plastic used is in your cleaning spray bottles (which you keep forever). They also use less chemicals than normal cleaning products to make them as safe for the environment as possible.

One of the major selling points for me is their fabric conditioner. I didn’t realise that our old fabcon had animal fat in it. (That was why I had to keep cleaning our the residue in the washing machine drawer!) I haven’t used this new fabcon for long but reviews do consistently say that they no longer have residue build up in their washing machine.

Smol is also cost effective. Where you are just paying for the cleaning tablet and not the spray bottles/water to be posted when you buy the cleaning spray refills, they are far cheaper than other cleaning products.

I’ve only just started using these products, however I’m finding they work just as well as any other cleaning products I have used, they all smell amazingly fresh and I love how much better they are for the environment compared to what I had been used,

If you want to give these a go, check out my affiliate link here even if it is just to make your dishwasher tablets look as good as Stacey Solomon’s (check out her Instagram stories if you don’t know!)

Let me know if you’ve used any of the Smol products, and what you think!

*I was not paid for this post – but may receive payment at no extra cost to you if you purchase through the affiliate link

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