Getting married in a global pandemic

Hi again! As we’re coming into another very different wedding season, I thought I would look back at how my husband and I got married. How it felt in the middle of a pandemic, and the steps we took to ensure our guests stayed safe!

October 2020 my husband and I, despite everything going on in the world, tied the knot! And wow did the world throw up some hurdles! The hardest one being 11 days prior to our wedding day, Boris Johnson had announced further restrictions to the country, including the reduction of wedding guest limits from 30 to 15.

How we felt

We still sit here sometimes in awe of how lucky we are that our day could still go ahead. In the lead up a number of people suggested we should postpone, others however (like myself) just did not want us to postpone starting our married life for the pandemic. We had a number in our head of guests we absolutely had to have there, and unless we couldn’t have them, we were going ahead!

That doesn’t mean we never considered postponing, there were a lot of times we thought about how much easier it would be to postpone (especially at the start of the pandemic when we thought it wouldn’t last into 2021…how naïve we were!) At Boris’ announcement in September we took some time to regroup, and seriously considered the option of postponing.

Overall, we have not ever regretted going ahead with the day, it was absolutely amazing and we’re so glad we can move on to the next step in our life (house/family). Getting married in these circumstances really reminded us of what is important at the end of the day, even the rain didn’t dampen our moods! A lot of our guests also thanked us for going ahead with the wedding as it was their only social event for months!

Pandemic Precautions

Our venue was a hotel/restaurant, so following COVID guidelines we had 15 guests for the ceremony (the other 15 from our original guest list watched from the bar in a separate room), following the ceremony we followed restaurant guidelines – so rules of 6 were followed from then onwards with regards to tables, so we still managed to have our full day guest list (30).

We did still manage to have speeches and first dance! The speeches were done with microphones so no one had to raise their voice, and for the first dance only my husband and I got up, everyone else followed social distancing measures. It was very weird it just being us dancing and no one else before/after, but it was a nice moment for us to have and guests threw confetti from their tables.

Obviously with fewer guests, you may be able to afford some extra touches. We bulk bought masks so that guests could wear them when up and about just in case they forgot to bring theirs! I know other weddings have supplied see-through masks, and hand sanitizer as favours!

For the evening ‘reception’, we continued with the rule of 6 at tables. My husband and I went to each tables and spoke to the guests etc, and luckily our seating plan paid off and guests really enjoyed catching up with everyone on their tables. As we didn’t have a DJ due to no dancing, we created our own playlist on Spotify to still give the wedding reception vibes!

We even still cut a wedding cake, we had a small top tier for just us (we took it on our minimoon), and then had cupcakes for our guests (this was our original plan it just worked out well germ wise!).

Our original evening reception was postponed to April 2021, and again to October 2021…We’re still hoping this can go ahead with a sweet cart/photobooth/DJ – pretty much everything that makes us shudder at the thought of now due to germs! We’re also planning on having our wedding photos/videos on show, and wearing our wedding day outfits so our evening guests still feel part of our wedding celebrations.

Obviously as I’ve said in previous posts, the decision to postpone is completely personal to each couple and there is no right or wrong answer. This is just for any couples who aren’t sure if their guests will enjoy a smaller/COVID wedding – and I promise you they will! They will all have your best interests in mind and will be so happy to see you get married.

Have you gone ahead with a smaller wedding than planned? What COVID precautions/changes did you make?

The guidelines we followed were the current guidelines at the time – If you choose to use any of these precautions please check the current advice as these may have changed since. I can assure you that we took every necessary step and no rules were broken.

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