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Buying a Home – Why did we choose this house?

Hi again! We found out last night that we are going to exchange today! Two days earlier than planned! (And there was me worried about meeting our deadline), so I thought I would give a bit of info about why we decided to go for this house, as quite a few factors came into it.

So this was actually the first house (well the plans) we looked at months ago at the start of our house search, however it was then released at a higher price than we had anticipated so we started to look elsewhere. Most of the houses were still in the same area, however we were struggling with how quickly houses were moving, and also as more time went on the prices of the houses kept rising until they were becoming out of reach (the joy of the current house market).

If you follow my Instagram stories you may know that we did put a couple of offers in, unfortunately with the first house we were not prepared to offer the asking price, and with the second we offered the asking price but they decided that no longer wanted to sell.

So after a stressful couple of weeks, we sat down (outside) at Costa, and discussed the different houses we had seen, and we said which out of all of them had been our favourites. We came back to the new build that we had first seen, and by this point we thought ‘why not go for it?!’ It was more than we anticipated to pay, however it is a home we hope to be in for a very long time so it should work out cheaper than needing to move in a couple of years time.

It also means, we’re moving into a new build! We are reliant on when the house is built to move, so it is still stressful as where we currently live is rented – but the owner is selling the property at the moment.

However we do get to personalise the house, and make sure it is as we want it, so all we would need to do initially is paint and add furnishings rather than do any major changes.

Apologies for my Instagram being house heavy at the moment! I’ll be back into a mix of things after today, trying to exchange has been my sole focus for the last (almost) 4 weeks! Thanks!

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