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Contraception Experiences

Hi again! It’s been five months since I’ve had my implant removed, so I thought now would be a good time to look back at my experiences with it.

Before I get started – these are just my personal experiences, everyone may have different reactions and may have different advice from their doctor/health professional. Please do not take this as health advice.

So I initially had the implant put in towards the end of 2011 (age 17), and my cycle became a mess! I know for some people it is meant to stop periods, but not for me! They were extremely irregular and would last up to two weeks!

Towards the end of 2016, I started to experience some concerning symptoms (pain and bleeding without going too much into it), and it turned out I had some abnormal cells. With abnormal cells they come in different grades, CIN1, CIN2 and CIN3, mine were CIN1 so low grade and normally wouldn’t have received any treatment, however due to the symptoms I was having I had the LLETZ procedure.

*since writing this post I’ve done a bit more research on the LLETZ procedure as I had forgotten the name of it! I’ve found out some research that has been done on this procedure and how it could potentially affect future pregnancies. I was not told any of this at the time. If you are about to have the LLETZ and not LEEP procedure please do ask your healthcare professional if you are planning future pregnancies! Obviously do not avoid treatment if it is something you need/are advised to have.

I was told at the point of treatment that the abnormal cells etc was likely due to having my implant, and was advised to have it removed. I was not eligible for the pill due to the blood clot risks as I suffer from migraines, and I did not want to have the coil due to the recent treatment. So I took a year break from hormonal contraception until 2018, at which point I went back onto the implant due to suffering with extremely heavy periods. And that brings us up to 2021 where I’m now free from hormonal contraception as of January!

Ideally, I would like to avoid ever going back onto hormonal contraception due to the amount of risks they carry. Personally I feel like I was not informed of the risks with them until after the fact, and had I known at the time, I wouldn’t have allowed myself into being pressured to go on them. They may be wonderful for helping with acne/heavy periods/regulating periods – but they haven’t been good for me. What experiences have you had with hormonal contraception?

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